Would you like a deeper understanding of healing and how you can truly improve your life?.

In this audio course, I've focused on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. For those of you that have participated in my events, meditations, courses or personal sessions, you have experience the Pure Source connection that I share. For those of you that are new to me, the frequency of my connection helps you to elevate your frequency, allowing you to shift away or drop the heavier frequencies that are holding you back in life. .

Course Details

***Expect energetic shifts. These shifts will be intense for some people*** 

Physical Healing and Pain Relief

Emotional Healing – Realize, Release & Transform

Mental Healing- Recognize your “thinking” brain and the patterns that run your life. 

Spiritual Healing- Awaken and Connect

A Solid Foundation – It probably isn’t what you think

This is your life journey, start enjoying it!

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About Teresa

A medium, a healer, a universal channel, a psychic, a crystalline being and a Christ Child are some of the titles that Teresa Cameron has been given, but she prefers not to be limited by labels. Teresa opens to Pure Source and lets the beautiful healing energy flow. Teresa’s Spiritual Gifts allows her to experience a person's life on a level they are unable to experience for themselves in order to help fine-tune their frequencies that will transform their lives.

 Her passion is to help people discover the power within themselves to heal, transform and connect to spirit at the highest level.

Teresa’s sessions are unique for each individual; Angels, guides, spirits and loved ones often make an appearance. Past and present life blocks and traumas can be cleared. Physical, emotional and spiritual issues that affect today's reality can be adjusted and healed.

Teresa can help to guide you to a beautiful tomorrow, full of light, peace and positive energy.

“There is a force in the universe, which if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi